About us

The goal of our company is comprehensive supplies of medical equipment, certified service and warranty service of professional medical equipment.

CJSC "MODUS" Company

it supplies medical equipment from Russian and European manufacturers and offers long-term cooperation to medical institutions.

For more than 20 years we have been specializing in the supply of equipment for intensive care units, intensive care wards and surgical departments.

More than 100 nitric oxide therapy devices supplied from our company are used in intensive care units of medical institutions in Russia.

Working in close contact with practicing doctors, we try to select high-tech and efficient equipment that takes into account current needs and uses the most modern technologies. Practicing doctors are actively cooperating with us, always ready to help users, provide consulting support, train medical personnel to work on devices and their maintenance, give professional recommendations on treatment methods, share the experience of colleagues, help make a choice in favor of a particular equipment based on an objective assessment of its technical characteristics.

We pay special attention to the issues of supply support and training in working with medical equipment, user support, warranty and service maintenance. Technical specialists of the service service certified at the manufacturing plants work to promptly solve the issues of operation and timely provision of spare parts and consumables.

We invite you to cooperate, including on the selection of equipment for the required tasks and offer various contractual terms.